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Capital: NAIROBI 
Population: about 39.500.000
Area: 582.646 km2
Time Zone: GMT +3h (October to March), compared to Italy (March to October); +1 h when DST is in Italy.
Languages: English, Kiswahili, Italian is frequent on the coast.
Religions: Christian (60%), Muslims (10%) Animist / followers of traditional religions (28%), other (2%).
Currency: Kenyan shilling (Ksh or Kes). € 1 = 100 about Kes. 
The major hotels and shops accept the common major credit cards. There are ATM machines for cash currency belonging to international networks (e.g. Cirrus). 
Country code for Italy: 00039
Italian prefix: 00254 
Telephone: GSM mobile phone network service is common in the country which provides wireless Internet connection 3G technology. There are four mobile phone operators: Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and YU.

Climatic situation
There are two wet seasons: from March to May (heavy showers) and from October to December (light showers), the rains have intermittent nature. The hottest season generally goes from January to April; along the coast there is a warm climate also during the months of September and October. On the highland the change of temperature is very high.

The Embassy of Italy is located in Nairobi
International House - Mama Ngina Street, 9° piano
P.O. Box 30107 – 001001 GPO 


Passport: required, valid for at least six months from the time of issue of the visa. You also must have a round trip airline ticket. Once you enter into the country, the visa stamp will be placed on your passport showing the length of your stay. We recommend the tourists to declare the actual period of stay in Kenya and to check their passport stamp; the extension of the stay may be confirmed only with the competent immigration office. 

Entry Visa: required,
• Tourist visa (tourist visa, 50 USD or 40 EUROS) is valid for one or three months, or in special cases, it can be renewable up to six months;

Mandatory Vaccinations: None. 

Currency and customs formalities:
Export prohibition: è it’s strictly forbidden to export from the country the following items and their derivatives: elephant ivory, rhino horn, turtle, coral, coral and reptile skins. 
Welcome Service: Galana Center Lamu Road Shop n* 8 Malindi 80200
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