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Apartments and Villas in Kenya


Kenya: the cradle of humanity

It’s not usual to talk about Africa, now I understand why. Africa can open up your heart, the “pain of Africa” is a state of mind and not surprisingly our story to our origins begins in Kenya known as the "cradle of humanity", a trip to our origins. Life is present everywhere you go: in the bush, in the villages, in the eyes of the children, in the eyes of a Masai, whose shoes have been obtained from the tires of a car, who will proudly watch your tent for a whole night to protect you from a lion. The heat of Kenya is transmitted through osmosis in the air, the colors, the streets where a bike is converted into a taxi with several promotional messages glued onto the back. In an environment where time seems to stand still, Rental has created a product out of the conventional, and offers you a stay in freedom by living in an apartment or a villa where whatever comes up to your mind can be done.

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